Video meetings

Host video meetings

Send links to video entries automatically, give customers 80 ways to take part and chat, and get real-time data. Customers will be impressed by the video conferencing on your site.

Engaging features

Low, medium, and high-resolution video options are available for all WIFI bandwidth levels.

It loads quickly and protects users’ privacy by using virtual backgrounds.

Learning Analytics Dashboards are designed to provide information during a live session, not as a static report afterward. The Learning Analytics Dashboard acts as a co-pilot during your session, providing live metrics.

There is public and private chat.

Screen sharing is simple, easy to use, and keeps attendees engaged.

Upload presentations in PDF, text, image, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel formats, and enable downloads as needed.

Allow a participant or group to download your presentation with a single click.

Using a whiteboard to highlight content by annotating slides.

A multi-user whiteboard allows for increased participant engagement in one-on-one, group, or breakout sessions.

Breakout rooms are used to engage participants in collaborative sessions.

Notes for easier documentation, available in a variety of downloadable formats during the session.

Participants can use emojis to provide feedback and have fun.

Polling is a simple and effective way to increase participation, display answers as a percentage of group responses, and convey messaging.

The ability to easily share video links within the main presentation area, with the session host controlling playback.

Features that add value

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