Setting up your profile & store

When you first sign up, you’ll be brought to your dashboard. This is the hub of your portal. You can create sessions, set your availability and view all you’ve done or have coming up. 

Configuring your profile & store

  • From your dashboard click on the icon in the top right corner, then choose “My Profile”.
  • Complete mandatory/optional fields within your profile 
  • Click “Update Profile” button to save your entries
  • Use the left sidebar to change and update other settings
  • Update your profile picture/logo 
  • Navigate to your Store Settings to really make your page yours 
  •  Create and attach an optional YouTube video 
  • Add a store banner 
  • Personalize all text (titles, slogans, etc.)
  • Add your direct deposit details under “Reports”  

These are the basics for getting your store started, make sure to check out our other “How to” articles

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