Online store

Your online store

Minimal and straightforward, your shop’s homepage is all you need to boost sales immediately.

Sell services on your web store

Based on your calendar availability, sell or provide one-on-one appointments for yourself and your staff, and choose whether they are virtual, in-person, or both.

Sell virtual group events with up to 150 people who don’t have to download or sign up for a third-party video tool. Ten minutes before the event starts, they will get custom entry links in their emails.

You can sell PDF documents on your online store or give them away for free.

Anyone, anywhere can buy your uploaded videos. Just add them in your store, give them a price, and start showing your customers what you’ve made.

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Zero transaction fees

Unlike other e-commerce sites, Seshhub doesn’t take a cut of any transactions between you and your customers.

Secured payments

Stripe is a Level 1 PCI Service Provider and works with us to handle payments. This is the highest level of certification available.

Five-minute setup to sale

Link your Seshhub store to an existing or new Stripe account in a few easy steps that won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

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