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No. You can sign up for Seshhub and use it for 14 days without entering any payment information.

Yes. Customers can add an unlimited number of free or paid sessions to their cart and checkout.

The sales tax on digital products varies depending on where you live. Seshhub has automated sales tax so you don’t have to figure out which taxes and rates to charge.

Sales tax can be enabled or disabled per product, but whether or not you charge sales tax is determined by your local and federal tax authorities.

No, there are no setup fees for starting and launching your store.

Unless you sign up for an annual plan, all Seshhub plans are month-to-month.

Yes, if you decide that Seshhub isn’t the right platform for you, you can cancel your account in your profile settings under “Plan.”

Yes, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Yes, our payment process has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is PCI Service Provider Level 1 certified. This is the most stringent level of payment industry certification available.

No, it’s completely automated.

Customers will automatically receive a verification and official receipt if any of the products they checked out with are or have paid items.

If their checkout items were completely free, they will only receive a confirmation email and no receipt.

No, that is entirely up to you. Simply enter your price, whether it’s free or paid, when adding a product.

Through meetings, many Seshhub store owners use free products to attract new customers or cultivate existing customers.

You could also give away all of your goods and services for free. EFeMS, a Canadian non-profit that uses Seshhub to provide free mentorships to women in Africa, is one example (Empowering Females in STEM).

Yes. You will have access to all orders as the administrator of your hub. Reports can also be sorted and exported.

Yes. You will have access to all customer information, regardless of whether they have previously purchased or have upcoming sessions. This information will be accessible only to you as the hub administrator, not to your employees. Customer reports can be sorted and exported as well.

Ten minutes before the start time of each booked session, they will receive an email with a secure entry link.

Prior to that, they will receive a purchase confirmation, an email with their receipt, and a one-hour reminder notification.

Employees and contributors can manage their own personal profile information, sessions, and availability.

Every session added by an employee or contributor will be labeled with their name, making it easier for store visitors to search, navigate, and check out.

Employees and contributors do not have access to orders, customers, financial information, or general settings.

No. Seshhub includes a powerful built-in video conferencing tool that is free with all plans.

Yes, you may use your own domain. We also include a free domain with all plans.

Yes, simply include an external link to your Seshhub on your website. We can assist you with this if you send us an email at

No, all Seshhub plans include unlimited bandwidth for free.

No, all Seshhub plans include SSL-secured platform hosting.

Yes, we offer help and resources 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can always chat with us online, email us at, or visit our comprehensive help center.

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