Digital sales tax

Digital sales tax

Enable or disable sales tax (coming soon...)

When adding individual items to your Seshhub store, you can enable or disable sales tax.

  1. Go to your admin home

  2. Select digital products

  3. Select add products

  4. Add appointment session

  5. Enable or disable the checkbox titled "Sales tax" located under "Price" field

You may be required to remit and file a digital product sales tax as a business. You may also be required to register your business with your local or federal tax authority prior to remitting or filing any sales tax. It is up to your business requirements whether you charge a sales tax or not, as Seshhub does not file or remit taxes for you. Seshhub provides payment processes and reports that help simplify taxes, but we encourage our store owners to speak with tax specialists in their respective regions.

Electronically sold goods are also known as digital products. A digital product is any online product that does not have a physical form or substance. Electronically sold goods are very similar to regular sales taxes, in fact, they are identical in most cases, but they do vary depending on where you live.
Seshhub handles charging taxes for you; we calculate rates based on location and product category. These calculations are frequently updated to ensure that taxes are in accordance with local and federal tax authorities around the world. When necessary, you have the ability to override them.

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