Digital downloads

Digital downloads

A digital download is a document that you sell after uploading it to your store. Seshhub makes it simple to sell digital downloads in minutes by utilizing secure payment processing, automatic notifications, receipts, and delivery.

Steps to adding and publishing digital downloads

  1. Steps to add downloadable products:
    • Admin dashboard
    • Select Digital Products
    • Select Add Product
    • Select Digital Downloads

You can add an unlimited number of digital downloads to your store as products.

Digital downloads must be manually published and unpublished in order to be added, viewed, and removed from your store page.

Why sell digital downloads?

  • Sell while you sleep
  • High profit margins
  • Seshhub automation

Popular digital downloads

  • Professional templates
  • Exercises and checklists
  • Coaching and therapy

If you own a company with employees, you'll be able to see all sessions created and sold by your employees, and all revenue generated by your employees will be deposited directly into your chosen bank account.

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