Creating Sessions

Once the basics of your store are set up, you will need to populate it with sessions for store visitors & clients to book.

  • You can create two types of sessions, One on One and Group Sessions 
  • One on One’s are set sessions in your store and will only unpublish if you choose to do so from > Dashboard > My Sessions
  • One on One sessions have drop down time slots for store visitors where they can choose a date & time slot that works best based on your set availability aka “office hours”
  • Group sessions are scheduled for a specific date and time, they unpublish from your store automatically once the date passed
  • Group sessions have no limits to the number of participants that can purchase it, so plan for these plans to be a “one to many” environment 
  • Once you’ve clicked “Create session” your session will go into a draft format for you to double check, edit & then publish 
  • You have the ability to unpublish after it’s been published, at any given time 
  • Once your session has been published, it is available for the public to purchase from your store 

Section 1 - Image

  • You’ll need to associate an image to your session when creating it
  • You can choose from a default image or simply search using the search bar through 1.5 million + stick images

Section 2 - Scheduling

  • Choose between One on one and Group session
  • If group session was chosen, select a delivery date and time 
  • Set a duration 

Section 3 - Information

  • Give some information about the session you want to store visitors to see
  • Talk about what you’re offering as part of this session, maybe covered topics, notes within, language(s) offered, and anything else you think may be helpful 
  • Utilize the formatting tool to make important points stand out to visitors 

Section 4 - Category

  • To help categorize your offering to your audience, select the appropriate category fields to best identify the audience your session is applicable to
  • If you’re offering can apply to multiple audiences, it can be helpful to create a secondary session or fill out the “Other” field with it
  • Every college / university campus across Canada and The United States are available

Section 5 - Pricing

  • Setting the price is simple but first you should consider the type of session, the potential, essentially the supply and demand of your store
  • One one one’s are expected to be higher than group session due to exclusivity of time and effort
  • You can also offer discounts or even set a session for free to entice potential store visitors
  • If you’re just starting out and do not have any recurring clients than we recommend you give a free introductory session, it’ll pay off and if you’ll likely win over a long term client 

Publishing after session creation

  • Once you’ve created a session, it will be “unpublished”, meaning that it’s not yet visible on your public store, and can still be editable.
  • Once it’s “published”, it will appear as an offering directly on your store for visitors to purchase & will no longer be editable 
  • To edit a published session you must first “Unpublish” it; to do this first go to your > “Dashboard” > “My Sessions” > find the session & click “Unpublish”  

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