Add sessions as products

Add sessions to your store

To successfully create and sell sessions, you must do the following

Step 1 - Update your availability

  1. Go to your admin home

  2. Select calendar on the navigation bar

  3. Drag and drop your availability

To sell your available time slots successfully, you must first set your calendar availability. To do so, navigate to your Seshhub calendar and drag and drop the available time slots you want to sell. You can also use free one-click integrations to connect them to your personal calendar, such as Google Calendar or Yahoo Mail.

Step 2 - Add sessions as products

  1. Add sessions to your hub
    • Go to your admin home
    • Select digital products
    • Select add product
    • Select add appointment session
    • Add product information

  2. Publish sessions to your store
    • Go to your admin home
    • Select digital products
    • Select all products
    • Select three dots on the desired session and press the publish button.

You can add an unlimited number of sessions as products to your store; each session is independent of the others and can have varying durations, visuals, information, and pricing. All published sessions work with the availability you specify in your calendar; once a time is reserved, it is no longer available with a 15-minute buffer zone before and after the session.

Session 1: Thirty minute, free consultation
Session 2: Two hour consult for $129.00
Session 3: One hour consult for $89.99

Ready to start selling with Seshhub?