This New iOS Feature Lets You Turn Your iPhone into a Webcam

Here’s everything you need to know about the new macOS Ventura’s Continuity Camera feature releasing later this year.

It’s been over two years since the world switched from in person meetings to Zoom calls, Google Meets, and Microsoft teams meets. We have become masters of the 10-minute gourmet meals in between calls and perfectly positioning our cameras to hide the messy corner in our room. It is safe to say that video calls have made a huge comeback from our early skype days, but there is one aspect of video calling that has not upgraded drastically and that is the webcam quality.

During Apple’s 2022 WWDC keynote that shared inspiring speeches and upcoming innovative technology, Apple had announced the Continuity Camera as one of the many features yet to be released alongside the macOS Ventura software.

The Continuity Camera will allow you to use the back camera of your iPhone as your webcam giving you studio quality imaging and a flawless appearance for all your video calls. Imagine watching your favourite movies in 144p and switching to 1080p HD. The advancement in picture quality is eye-gasmic and this upgrade will be very similar! For a world that has grown heavily reliant on video calls and virtual meetings, this feature will change the video conferencing game.

What does the Continuity Camera include?

Seamless Integration

Apple would not be Apple if it didn’t offer its users a seamless and easy to use process. Available for iPhone XR or newer, Apple’s demonstration of the Continuity Camera revealed how straight-forward it truly is. All you have to do is place your iPhone near your mac and your mac will automatically detect your iPhone turning the iPhone into a webcam instantly. No app, no wires, not even an iPhone wakeup necessary!

Portrait Mode

iPhone users might already be familiar with this feature, but the portrait mode slightly blurs your background while keeping you in focus. 

iphone blurred background

Centre Stage

For any iPhone that has wide-angle capability, Centre Stage will adjust the frames positioning as you move around the room, keeping you centered at all times. 

Studio Light

Studio Light illuminates your face and brightens up your complexion while dimming the background. This is perfect for anyone who does not have light directly facing them during video calls or a window in the background. 

Desk View

Desk View works in collaboration with the ultra-wide camera on the iPhone. Using the Desk View feature, you can simultaneously present what you have on your table while still showing your face on video conferencing. This feature mimics an overhead camera so it is great for showing hands-on tutorials. 

Final Thoughts

We knew that Apple was innovative, but did expect them to be capable of this? Apple never fails to amaze the world with what they, and technology, are capable of and the announcement of the Continuity Camera is no different. Replacing your lackluster webcam, the Continuity Camera is so easy to setup, easy to use, and pushes the boundaries of how we connect online. 

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