What You Should Know About Online Teaching

Teaching is no longer confined to a physical classroom and you don’t need a degree to share your expertise and earn an income. 

Drastic changes are happening in the education industry. Teaching is no longer confined to a physical classroom and you don’t need a degree to share your expertise and earn an income.

Alongside this, students are increasingly expecting online learning options to be available because its normalization since arrival of COVID-19. For those wanting to earn an income online, this presents a chance to build an online teaching business from the location of your choice.

To learn more about how you can get involved in the online teaching space, read on! 

What exactly is online teaching?

Online teaching is the process of transmitting knowledge to others through the internet. There are many methods to educate others online, including 1:1 video calls, larger group video calls, and organized webinars.

What can you teach online?​

Pretty much any skill you can imagine can be taught online, as long as there’s interest and demand to learn the topic! From baking wedding cakes to solving complex math equations, there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to the online courses offered today. 

Is the online teaching industry saturated?​

A common misconception is that there’s already ‘too many’ platforms and online teachers in the market today. In reality, online teaching is a booming industry with plenty of opportunity to join, particularly for newer and non-traditional skillsets.

The numbers…

After the pandemic, online learning has become the new norm due to factors like convenience and low costs. The global online education market share is expecting an increase of $121.85 billion from 2020 to 2025, after experiencing a growth rate of 11.11% in 2021 alone.

There’s clearly a huge opportunity to offer in-demand teaching services and earn some extra income, or even a full-time income. The great thing is that with online teaching, your target audience can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. This gives you a larger pool of potential students, and a higher earning potential. Take a look at your skillset and see what the market wants!  

What do you need to teach online successfully?

Besides the obvious need for an audience who wants to learn from you, and a teachable skillset, there are some logistics involved that can make or break your success. Firstly, you need a platform where you can teach online through video and voice options, preferably one designed for online teachers. Then, you need a trustworthy and reliable way to process your payments from your students. If you want to offer your students downloadable resources like worksheets or follow-along instructions, you also need the option to upload these resources on a website.

Although some teachers can juggle multiple platforms to run their online teaching business, best practice is to use one platform that combines all of the features you need to be successful.

Seshhub combines the above features into one platform, so you can focus on marketing and other areas of your business without needing to worry about the admin and logistical side of things. From scheduling, collecting payments, hosting the teaching sessions, offering a platform for students to download resources, and more – Seshhub has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs to launch and maintain successful online teaching businesses

Want to shoot your shot and see if this can be a lucrative move for you? Try our 14-day trial and set up your own teaching business, today!

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