How Do You Increase Online Business Credibility?

Credibility means that visitors won’t doubt for a second whether your website is operated by real people or not.

Although building an online business offers a plethora of benefits ranging from flexibility to unlimited potential, the one downside is that a lack of credibility can limit your chances of success.


Traditional brick-and-mortar shops already have high credibility due to the nature of physical businesses, whereas for online stores, you’ll have to work a little harder to increase your street cred in the virtual space.   

What exactly is online business credibility?

In short, having credibility means that your store is trusted by potential customers. Credibility means that visitors won’t doubt for a second whether your website is operated by real people or not. They won’t be worried about whether their package will arrive at their house, or if their credit card information will be stolen and sold.

Why should you increase your online business credibility?

No matter how incredible your products or services are, if there is a disconnect between what you’re offering and how it’s portrayed online, visitors may get the sense that your brand is ‘dodgy’ and leave your site altogether.

Without credibility, it will be very difficult to achieve conversions and land clients, so needless to say it’s worth the effort to ensure that your online business doesn’t initiate any second thoughts.

How to increase your online business credibility:

1. Have a user-friendly website

First impressions matter and are hard to amend, and this is no different when it comes to your website. Ensuring that your website’s user interface is clean, easy to navigate, and responsive are keys to a great first impression.

Having contact details readily available on your website is also vital, particularly for those visitors who might feel unsure about your brand or have additional questions. You must have a system in place to answer these inquiries as quickly as possible, including:

  • A phone number – hands down the best way to increase your credibility is to be available by phone.

  • Live chat – having a live chat function comes close to a phone number. The point is to leverage the fastest way of responding to inquiries and concerns.

  • Contact form – a simple contact form where you can quickly reply once the details have been filled out.

  • Physical address – if applicable to your business, having a physical address on your website that is searchable on Google maps will boost your credibility. 

2. Be present on social media

There’s no question about the necessity of social media for online businesses these days. The first thing most people do to assess the authenticity of an online business when in doubt is to search social media.

Does the brand post content? Do they have active followers? Do they have tagged photos? All these are ways you can use social media to your benefit and show people that you’re a real organization with real people behind it, and not just a website.   

3. Share customer reviews and testimonials

Put simply, people trust what others have to say – even if it means seeing a testimonial from someone across the globe.

Asking your happy customers to leave reviews on your website, or even to film a video testimonial in exchange for a free product can be ways to build up your social proof. You can get creative here, the point is to show that your online business has brought value for others and clear any doubts.

Signing up to a third-party platform like Trustpilot also shows that you’re committed to transparency and open to receiving public feedback (AKA you’ve got nothing to hide!).

4. A secure online store

Most importantly, your online store must be fully secure. This means having a secure checkout process with a clean and trustworthy interface, legal policies listed in your footer, credit badges, and more!

Final words

Increasing your online business credibility is no easy task, but once done, can boost your conversion rate and build a strong reputation. To address these needs, Seshhub is a platform that helps business owners increase their online credibility by:

  • Providing a fully secure, user-friendly, and aesthetic storefront
  • Providing a secure payment processor
  • And more, all integrated into one easy-to-use platform!

To start your free trial and build a highly credible online store, click here to try Seshhub’s 14-day free trial! 

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