How this Trailblazing Entrepreneur Utilized Seshhub to Make Time for What Really Matters

The Growth of African Women in STEM

From Ph.D. Student to Founder of an NPO

Dr. Anna Ampaw, a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Ottawa with an extensive background in chemistry, began her journey as the founder of Empowering Female Minds in STEM (EFeMS) in January 2021. She set out on a mission to create a space where African women not only belonged but excelled in.

“Our main goal [at EFeMS] is to combat the gender disparity observed in the STEM community in African countries,” Ampaw says. “We aim to do this by equipping women with the skills and resources needed to excel in their STEM careers while also building strong mentor-mentee relationships within the community.” 

The Growing Pains of an International NPO

Through their 1-on-1 mentorship programs, yearly events that boast innovative research, scholarships, and their community, EFeMS has become a lighthouse for women interested in STEM all over Africa. Despite their inspirational mission and solid foundation, Dr. Ampaw was constantly experiencing bottlenecks throughout her organization. During the initial consultation call with Seshhub, Dr. Ampaw expressed her struggles with growing her organization. “I knew that there was a lot of growth potential, but as we grew, I spent more time on the administration aspect rather than being readily available for my team and the people who needed my services.”

Between managing the calendars of her 10 mentors, scheduling international meetings, and hosting international events, her time was consumed with administration work. What made it worse was trying to manage all of it on different platforms. “The system was fine when we were a small team with a few clients, but as we grew, the system became a nightmare to use. I began looking for an online interface that allowed me to streamline all the administrative work. The invoicing, meetings, interviews, and events needed to be automated in a simple, easy-to-use location. When I found out about Seshhub, I was ecstatic about all it had to offer,” explains Dr. Ampaw.  

The Platform that Advances Company Growth

When EFeMS joined Seshhub, the first thing they did was utilize the calendar feature to automate booking meetings and entries into their schedule. With automatic geo-located time zones, EFeMS members no longer had to do mental math when scheduling a meeting. Members would receive an email confirming the date and time of their meeting along with a video link sent directly to all parties involved. “I was amazed by how internationally friendly Seshhub was. Between the geo-located time zones and the automatic bookings, it felt like Seshhub was the perfect platform to accommodate an international organization,” says Dr. Ampaw. Since Dr. Ampaw decided to onboard with Seshhub, she has managed to cut her administrative workload by 28 hours per month, connect to her community more effectively, and expand EFeMS reach. 

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