What Do You Need To Start An Online Tutoring Business?

There are a lot of freelancing sites out there, but only a handful that are optimized specifically with tutors in mind.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, 12 percent of the United States workforce started freelancing. By 2024, according to recent projections, 43 percent of the US workforce will be freelancers.

This growth in freelancing makes sense: offering your skills to anyone who will pay for them online means you get to stay at home, create your own hours, and not be micromanaged at an office. It’s also more convenient. No one enjoys that hours-long commute or being cooped up in a cubicle.

One online service that people find they have to offer is tutoring. You can tutor in just about any subject: math, science, English, economics, accounting, music… The list goes on. If you have a high value skill, there is someone else out there who will pay to learn it from you.

But the hard part about starting an online tutoring business is not what skills to offer, but how to set up a webpage where people can find you, a secure payment processor, and a way to view and track your analytics. 

5 Things You Need To Start An Online Tutoring Business

1. A Platform Where You Can Sell Your Services

The first thing you need is a platform where you can sell your online tutoring services. There are a lot of freelancing sites out there, but only a handful that are optimized specifically with tutors in mind.

Seshhub offers an attractive, minimalistic online store that puts your services front and center. You can also sell digital products, such as PDFs, to supplement your one-on-one tutoring sessions. 

2. A Video Conferencing Tool

As an online tutor, you need a way to connect one-on-one with the customers who book your services. This means having easy access to a reliable video conferencing tool is essential to make your business work.

Seshhub provides a video conferencing tool, with different subscription options if you want to book one-on-one sessions or upgrade to larger group calls. 

3. An Admin Dashboard

An admin dashboard makes your life as an online service-based business owner infinitely easier. In this hub of data, you should be able to see all your orders, the revenue you’re generating, the length of your video calls, and other important details. This information will help you optimize and streamline your business so that you make even more money. Which is, of course, the goal.

That’s why Seshhub comes with an admin dashboard. We’ve designed an uncomplicated, easy-to-use interface where you can quickly find all the analytics data you need in a click. 

4. A Secure Payment Processor

A secure payment processor is at the top of the list as far as concerns for starting your own online tutoring business. How do you make sure you get paid and don’t lose money in the process?

At Seshhub, we take the security of your payments very seriously. That’s why we use Stripe as our payment processor. It’s certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the industry’s highest certification. You can feel confident using it knowing that your credit card information, as well as your customer’s, remains safe. 

5. Seshhub A Platform That Combines All Of The Above

The last thing you need is a platform that conveniently combines all the above. It’s so much easier to log into one program instead of switching back and forth and possibly making mistakes along the way.

Seshhub is that convenient platform. We provide an online store where you can sell your online tutoring services, a video conferencing tool, an admin dashboard, and a secure payment processor. And we also offer different subscription tiers to match your needs and your budget.

Click here to start a free trial and see how you can become an online tutor with Seshhub!

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