How to Jumpstart Your Store’s Growth

You know your sessions are valuable, but how do you get new customers to discover the same? The answer may be more simple than you think!

Free Discovery Sessions - The Catalyst

If you’ve ever had to get a car unstuck from the snow, you know that the hardest part of moving anything heavy is to just get it started. Once you get it moving, it’s easy sailing from there.

Starting your own business and managing your own storefront isn’t too different.  You know your sessions are valuable, but how do you get new customers to discover the same?

The answer is simple, free discovery sessions.

How Free Discovery Sessions Are Helpful

Free discovery sessions are helpful for everyone involved, both for your customers and for you!

First, consider it from the standpoint of your potential customer. Someone sees your ad on an online marketplace and decides to visit your storefront. They like your introduction and the topics of the sessions you offer at your store. At this point, we’d like to believe that there’s no reason why this person won’t become a new customer.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of reasons why many people do not enrol in any of your sessions at this point. Prospects who are interested in your offering do not convert for two main reasons:

  • Cost: They don’t want to pay money for something they haven’t tried yet.
  • Comfort: Not knowing you and not committing to buying a session from someone they don’t know.

These two factors are also strongly intertwined. Customers will be more willing to pay a higher price for sessions with someone they are familiar with and what to expect.

Free sessions in your store will completely remove the cost barrier that may prevent someone from enrolling, and with no cost comes extreme comfort, as those enrolling in your session make no financial commitment.

Won't I Lose Money?

That’s a great question, but the answer is no! As it turns out, this leads to long-term growth for your store. “How?” you may wonder, “can giving something away for free end up earning me more money?”

To put it simply, the more people you expose to an actual session with you, the more people will return as a paying customer.

It’s important to consider how you, as a store owner, can strategically use free sessions to drive growth. You probably don’t want to make your entire offering free, because while this will certainly attract a large number of customers to sign up for your sessions, you won’t be making any money along the way. But what if you offered a free “get to know me” tutoring session so that a customer or their parent could meet you before making a purchase, or a free simple group fitness class that enticed attendees to purchase private virtual training sessions with you?

Remember to get customers used to you and your paid offering by introducing them to it through a free one first.

Potential Ideas for Free Discovery Sessions

There are so many great use cases for free sessions.  We’ve only listed a few, but we’re confident that you and others will discover even more creative ways to take advantage of free sessions.

  • Free one-on-one sessions to help prospective clients get to know you better.

  • Free group sessions to introduce you to a larger number of potential clients. However, the more people in your session, the less interpersonal it is, so consider the atmosphere you want to create.

  • A valuable free session (of any type) that leads to a more complex or valuable paid session. This is ideal for anything involving a schedule, such as fitness goals, courses, and so on.

There are probably many more great ways to use free sessions in whatever way makes the most sense for your store.

Sometimes in life, you have to give some to get some, so use free sessions on Seshhub to give a little to get a lot.

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